Troubles with my invoice
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A reminder was sent to me, even though I already paid my invoice

Most likely the invoice isn't paid. It is also possible that the money arrived after the reminder was sent, you will then also have to pay the reminder fee.

I sent back a product to you and my invoice will most likely expire before the return is processed

In most cases it is possible to extend the date of the invoice. You can do this at "My Pages" at and in Walley's app (App Store, Google Play). You can also see all your unpaid invoices from Walley.

For any questions regarding invoices or payments, please contact Walley's customer service:

Phone: 010-161 01 00
Weekdays - 08.00-18.00
Saturdays - 10.00-16.00
Sundays - 10.00-15.00

Mail: [email protected]

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