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Report a return to Walley
Report a return to Walley

If you have chosen to pay with invoice we recommend pausing your invoice with Walley when you send your return

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If you want to make a return and chose to pay via invoice when you placed your order, and have not yet paid it, you can change the due date of the invoice. You do this through Walley's app (App Store, Google Play) or by logging in to My Pages at

If you want to pause your invoice, please contact Walley's customer service.

Walley customer service:

Phone: 010-161 01 00

Weekdays - 08.00-18.00

Saturdays - 10.00-16.00

Sundays - 10.00-15.00

The invoice is adjusted/cancelled when we have approved the return. If there is a remaining amount on the invoice after an approved return, an updated invoice will be sent to you.

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